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Sons of Thunder were the first active Christian rock band in the eastern United States, and the first to record a nationally-distributed album in America. Active from June 1967 to December 1974, Sons of Thunder gave over 500 performances, produced four albums plus a TV documentary. They and John Guest’s Exkursions were the first Christian rock bands to participate in a Billy Graham event. SOT performed on many college campuses in the eastern U.S., and presented numerous area-wide concerts in the Washington, D.C. region. They incorporated the then popular and innovative concept -- the light show -- as well as created a whole new Christian rock sound with original songs. Most important, SOT ministered to thousands, youth and adult alike, winning many to Christ, and strengthening the faith of countless others who came to see them perform

Beginning as a four-piece band (soon five), and a part-time effort, SOT expanded to nine members, and performed full-time their last 2-1/2 years together. With “Rock Gospel for the Deaf” from Gallaudet College (now University), SOT also pioneered the performance of live music for the hearing-impaired.

If you’ll visit the pages of this site (on the menu to your right), you’ll find hundreds of photos, plus a detailed history of the band woven in. You'll also find links to videos of many of the band's recordings on our Music page, and of performances from a TV documentary on Rock Gospel for the Deaf. Whether you’re new to SOT or here to revive some happy past memories, we hope you enjoy this site, and we appreciate your visiting!




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Those Who Wait on the Lord

Sweet, Sweet Song of Salvation

Mighty Hard Road


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Sons of Thunder Live at the Forum Tea House & Gallery, 1968
SOT in live performance at this Georgetown (Wash., D.C.) coffeehouse
(45:50 minutes)



Sons of Thunder's Original Five, 1968


SOT 1971


SOT 1973


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